How we can help you

Our Partners

We work with our partners to support their employees who are also carers. Becoming a carer, whether it’s a gradual or sudden process, brings huge challenges, which often affect work arrangements, stress levels and physical and emotional wellbeing. Managing work, eldercare and family commitments can be both challenging and time-consuming. 

Providing the right information and support at the point of need saves time and provides both personal and business benefits.

With an ageing UK population, how to best care for older and vulnerable family members has become an increasingly common problem. In the average UK workforce, over 20% are carers, impacting on their personal and work lives.

As an employer it is within your best interests to make sure your work force are coping when they are dealing the stress of caring for a loved one.

We look after your employees care needs. With our help, employers can be confident that their staff are getting the best help and support at a time when they most need it. Our services can be provided directly to employers or by group insurance, employee benefits and employee assistance programmes.

Our Services

Our highly experienced and qualified experts offer expert advice to your employees on their care issues and challenges. We know the importance of being able to speak to a real person about the issues you may be facing.

  • Personalised Social Platform – so you can stay connected and discuss your loved ones needs in private.
  • Video GP Services – so they can access a fully qualified video GP service and helpline from the comfort of their own home.
  • Your Care Support – offers expert care advice and bespoke budgeted care plans including signposting to the best fully regulated care providers across the UK, mobility aids, medical technologies and more.
  • Medical Finances – Advice on managing the cost of care, sourcing state and private funding and personal health budgets.
  • Specialist Legal Support – help on a wide range of legal matters, including power of attorney, living wills, trusts, and more.
  • Property Support – Including relocation services and care homes.

How to get started

You can contact us for more information:

Telephone : 0203 474 0887


Once you’re signed up, your employee simply registers on and completes an online needs assessment form. We then follow up with a personalised care plan, with regular check-ins to make sure the plan remains sustainable.