Tutella - Our Story

Tutella was born out of a frustration for the complexity of the current care system. With an ageing UK population, how to best care for older and vulnerable family members has become an increasingly common problem. In the average UK workforce, over 20% are now carers, impacting on their personal and work lives. Many without any previous caring experience, suddenly find themselves caring for those they love, and it can be overwhelming as there is so much information out there and no one to help you find your way.

Becoming a carer, whether it’s a gradual or sudden process, brings huge challenges, which often affect work arrangements, stress levels and physical and emotional wellbeing. This can be made more difficult when there is no support from employers.

Tutella was founded to help employees who are also carers navigate through the complex world of care, by delivering bespoke care plans, suited to help their needs and access to a wide range of services. Providing the right information and support at the point of need saves time and provides both personal and business benefits. Since using our services, our partners have noticed increased engagement, fewer sick days and happier employees.

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