• General 6 Questions
    What is Tutella?

    Tutella provides a care concierge service and a free-to-use personal website for any type of health journey to connect you with all of your family and friends at once, giving you time to focus on what matters.

    The free website is an ideal communication channel between friends and family, healthcare professionals, patients and support groups during the crisis time when people are in hospital or care.

    Why does Tutella exist?

    Necessity is the mother of invention and Tutella was no different. After our founder's parents were hospitalised, he noticed a real lack of care advice, support and organisation around communication and rehabilitation.

    How we help

    Our Care Advisers are understanding professionals who will listen to your needs, assess your care requirements and give the best possible advice tailored to your requirements.

    How does it work?

    Our Care Advisers provide tailored advice both by telephone and by email. We explain care options, research the most suitable providers, products and solutions as well as providing help taking the next steps through your care journey.

    Where to next?

    Simply register with Tutella www.tutella.co, select the ‘Navigator Service’ link and either telephone using support line or complete the online Needs Assessment Questionnaire, don't forget to tell us as much as possible about your circumstances and where you need help. Once you’ve completed the form, our team will return with the solutions and information you need.

    Get in touch

    For general enquiries:
    Email us
    Telephone us
    (0) 203 474 0887

  • Using Tutella 13 Questions
    Is it free to use?

    Tutella is 100% free for our users and that's the way it will always be. You don't even need to use a credit card to sign up.

    How do I connect with someone?

    We've tried to make it all as simple as possible for you to start connecting and using Tutella. If anything is unclear, please take a look at our quick user guide.

    Can I have multiple accounts?

    As long as you use a different email address, you can have as many accounts as you like!

    Is it safe?

    We endeavour to make Tutella as safe and secure as possible using the latest industry standards.

    Can I register for someone else?

    Absolutely, as long as the person gives consent and is happy for you to do so.

    How can I find someones’s Tutella site?

    Log in using your email address and password used for registration. From your profile page select ‘Add People’ and see ‘Looking for someone?’; insert person’s name or email address and then select the ‘Search’ button.

    I’m having trouble finding someone’s Tutella site, what can I do?

    Depending on the privacy level of the person's site, searching by name will do a general search of sites within Tutella that authors have designated 'searchable'. Because we allow for different privacy options, not all Tutella sites will show up on the results page. If you do not find the person you are looking for, please ask the author (the person managing the site) for the exact site name.

    How do I find someone’s Tutella site if I haven’t registered?

    If you don’t haven’t registered and wish to find someone’s site, simply select ‘Register Now’ and see ‘Looking for someone?’ on the top right hand side of page. Insert person’s emails address or name and click ‘Search’.

    How do I sign in?

    To sign in to your profile:

    1.  Connect to our home page, www.tutella.co

    2. Click on the Log In or Register button on the right hand top corner of the page.

    3. Enter your e-mail address and password, and click Log In.

    Why do I need a password to log in?

    When you sign up with Tutella you register your e-mail address and create a personal password to log in with. This is required to help protect the use of your e-mail address and identity.  
    If you have forgotten your password, click Log In, from here you can see 'Forgotten your password?', then click ‘reset it here’ on the log in page. Follow the steps to have an e-mail sent to you that will allow you to reset your password.

    Why am I being asked to enter my e-mail address?

    Part of our mission at Tutella is that we offer personal, private sites for our users. For this reason, some Tutella sites can have higher privacy levels than others, depending on the Privacy level the author of the site chose.
    If you are asked to log in, this means the author of that site chose a higher Privacy level for their site. You will only need to register your e-mail address once. After that you will be able to log in to Tutella with your e-mail address and the password you created.

    How do I change my email address?

    Log in to your site using your email address and password used for registration. Select your account from the navigator bar at the top of the page to view ‘Update your settings’, from here you’ll be able to edit/change your current email address.

    How do I deactivate my Tutella site once I’ve finished using it?

    To deactivate your site:
    1. Log in to your site using e-mail your address and password.
    2. Select your account in the top navigation bar and then click the link, 'Delete your account' is found on the right side of the page.

  • Support 1 Questions
    Can I get help?

    Of course, we want to make Tutella easy to use! You can send us feedback or ask for help by email support@tutella.co.

  • Navigator Service 1 Questions
    What is my Activation code?

    This is the login activation code provided in your Tutella welcome letter that explains how to sign up to Tutella. It will normally be a 7 digit code which you enter once you have registered on www.tutella.co to unlock the ‘Navigator Service’ and associated benefits. If anything is unclear, please email feedback@tutella.co.