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Tutella provides expert advice to find the best care for you or a loved one, so that you can spend less time worrying and more time together.

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Set up your Tutella profile, communicate privately and post daily updates which helps to reduce the number of calls to you, your loved ones and the Hospital.

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Ask for help

People love to help. By simply posting a request for help unlocks all of the potential resources and support from your social network. Quickly create support requests and get the help that you need.

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Navigator Service

Tutella is a one stop resource to find the best advice, services and products for your care needs. When you’re caring for an elderly relative it can be difficult, we help everyone to find the best solutions as quickly as possible to minimise the stress and maximise the recovery.

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Planning Your Hospital Visit

Planning for your hospital visit is so important to your health and the outcome. Our partners provide advice on how to get as fit as possible before you are admitted and to plan for your return home so that the Hospital can discharge you as quickly and safely as possible.

24/7 Video GP Services

Imagine being able to speak to a Doctor for advice whenever you need it and get prescriptions delivered to your door!

Remote Health Monitoring

We have shortlisted some independent advisors to provide expertise on key areas from financial and legal advice to relocation and Care to ‘end of life’ planning and many more.

Care Advice

Knowing where to find carers when you suddenly need them, has helped us to look after Mum and Dad when they have had to be admitted to hospital.

Property & Funding Services

When Mum fell down the stairs and broke her hip, it was time for her to move to a bungalow. found some fantastic relocation services which made life so much easier of us all and found a perfect flat for Mum close to us.

Financial Advice & Planning

Thank goodness we took’s advice the get all of Mum’s legal affairs in order. When she had a fall, we were able to tell the hospital her wishes and pay her bills and look after things until she recovered.

Features to make your life as easy as possible

Private Messaging

Personal conversations with people you care about without broadcasting to everyone you know.

Post Photos & Video

Share photo updates of your progress or send video messages to your loved ones thanking them for their support.

Alerts & Notifications

Tutella’s real-time notification system keeps you up to date with the very latest on your wall.

Fully Customisable

Change colours, update avatars, photographs and alter the appearance of your pages whenever you want.

Ask Your Circle Favours

Need that bin to be put out? Have pets and they need feeding? Post a request to your circle and keep things simple.

Send Gifts

Tutella makes it easy to send well wishes and gifts to show your support. Delivered direct to their location.

Comments & Offer Help

Family and friends can comment directly on your wall and can even offer their help should you need it.

Location Info & Visiting Times

Tutella gives you the ability to post details of where and when your loved ones can visit you.


A selection of glowing reviews and comments from our beloved customers.

“ On behalf of our family, I just wanted to write to say how impressed we were with the service and support we received from the Tutella staff during our recent care crisis.  Your team were a delight to work with: professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, hard-working, following-up to our questions/issues was always quick and efficient. It was a pleasure working with your organisation.”

Mrs J L Edwards, Buckinghamshire

“Your call was clear, concise and practical. It relieved a lot of stress. A pleasure to speak to a professional with such a clear understanding and common sense.”

Mr A Boyd, Lancashire

“Many thanks for the invaluable and impressive information……you provide a welcome and marvellous service.”

L. Hamilton, Leicestershire

“I came off the phone knowing I had received first class information.”

J.Green, Lancashire

“Thank you for the extremely useful advice and information which you supplied at a time when we were looking at all the possible care options for my mother. Your staff were extremely kind and sympathetic, and it was a real pleasure to discuss matters with them.”

Mrs S Brown, Cambridgeshire

This very happy and positive outcome has been achieved due to the information and advice I received from your staff at Tutella. I am very grateful and cannot thank you enough.”

S Stevens, Dorset

“Without your help and encouragement I may well have given up. Thank you so much for all your help. You are doing a wonderful job.”

D. Smith, Cambridgeshire

“Thank you so much for the information. It helps clarify what is worth pursuing to support Mum in a way I just can’t make sense of with so many websites. So very helpful in difficult times!”

C Stewart, Warwickshire

“I sing your praises at every opportunity and I am so pleased I had a personal recommendation from a friend in our village”

Mrs J Anderson, Pembrokeshire